Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pres and I

Our President Elect stopped by our office a few weeks ago and we decided to keep him around. What fun was had by all having their picture taking with him. He is just like he looks, tall, dark and handsome and flat!

One of our vendors makes these true to size cardboard cutouts and sent one to my Supervisor. So far he had attended quite a few holiday parties and going home with another so his kids could meet him. He even became part of the family Holiday card. I'll see if I can get my hands on some of the pictures to share with you. They are a hoot.

We get off work at 2:00 today not sure if I will stop at any stores on the way to my BFF celebrating Hanukkah.

Have a Happy Holiday


Channon said...

What fun! Bartles and James in the flat lived at the firehouse for a long while. That was big fun.

Anita said...

SNOL! Too funny! I had to look twice there. he he

Lynn said...

Ok I did a double take on that picture!!! LOL

Jejune said...

LOL - what a great photo! You nearly tricked me, too!!

Happy New Year, my friend :)

Rachel said...

Fun! Looks pretty lifelike from the angle of that photo!

Robin said...

Too funny. Move over Flat Stanley!