Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

These pictures were taken last weekend 11/8. Here is what my Burning bush looked like a week after I took the pictures of my scarf & new yarn.

This is what it looks like today.
My Crape Myrtles were beautiful on 11/8
and today!Here is my latest knitting project. I saw the pattern on Rachel's site. This is only my third cable project the others were simple baby caps. It is taking me forever to do these because I am doing a lot of start and stops. Sometimes just too tired in the evenings.
The next two pictures show the true color. Notice the funky thumb. For the life of me I could not wrap my brain around the increases. I think it had something to do with a pattern that was translated. They are simply called Fingerless Gloves-Stulpen Rav link.
See how terrible it is? I increased too many stitches at one time. The directions read: Approximately half way through the chart start with the thumb gusset increases, for that increase eight times in every third round one st after st 58 and before st 1. Knit all the thumb sts in stockinette st. 3 rds after last increase put the thumb sts on a stitch holder and cast on two new sts. Duh! I have done thumbs before but this sure got me confused.
On the electronic front my DVD player lived it's life programed at the factory. So I ordered a new one here. I was delivered Friday just as I was leaving. Well, I hooked it up today. Pretty easy. Set the clock, the FM radio & have sound coming out when I put a DVD in but no picture. It is a pretty simple hook up so I have no idea why I'm not getting a picture. I have been watching all the shows I had recorded on my cable box DVR all weekend but took a break to see if I could set the DVD up. As I was doing this I noticed that my cable channels were not coming up. So called for tech help, unplugged to re-boot yada yada. Now I have nothing on the HDTV cable box. The one in the bedroom works (not high def) and the Internet works, so now I have no tv to watch. As I was straighting up my coffee table I found my portable dvd. I only got it to watch knitting videos, like Lucy Neatby two socks vids and the BSJ. Once I finish this post I am going to watch a movie and work on the other glove. Lets give a thumbs up if I get the darn thing correct this time.


Rachel said...

The cables look great! I guess I didn't help much with my explanation on the thumb :(. Hopefully you can figure it out on the second mit--although on, it's hardly noticeable! Good luck!

Channon said...

Lovely! I'm considering some mitts for myself after the first of the year, and those are certainly contenders...

Anita said...

I think they turned out lovely even with the thumb thing. I think I have that pattern queued in Ravelry too. :)

Jejune said...

Wonderful cabled mitts, despite the thumbs being a headache... I love cables, so I'm glad you're giving them a try too :)