Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween a week early

OMG, I totally forgot to post about last Saturday. On October 25 three of my fellow co-workers & I the official photographer met at the parking garage at Tys0ns 2 to take pictures of of our Olympic team. I will just direct you to F1icker so you can see the videos and snaps I took. Our usual meet up is in Springfield at Lake Accotink but the rain was horrendous. Dazie and Chase's Mom (she is a Graphic Designer) made up the logo's and ironed them on doggy shirts. Lucy's Grand-Mamma got the shirts. She had Lucy for the weekend. Soon Lucy will meet with Santa. Rain and Marty Monsterpants brought their Mom. We were exhausted! The traffic on a Saturday at Tys0ns was like Xmas shopping. Traffic was lined up on the Beltway getting off on Rt 7, don't people know there are other ways to get there?
You can also check out last years Halloween pictures while your at it.

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