Monday, November 3, 2008

Stash update.

I am trying to catch up with all that I've wanted to tell you about. Remember this? The 8 oz bag of fiber to the left turned into


My friend Carol was bitten by the spinning bug and brought herself a wheel. I gave her the fiber as a gift for helping me out...and she in turn gifted it back all spun up. Now I wonder what will happen next! The three skeins have 86, 150 & 210 yards --446 total. I'll have to look for a pattern.
I joined a local sock club from Neighborhood Fiber Company. Love the yarn but the pattern that goes with it would be my 1) first toe up pair & 2) the pattern get lost with this yarn.

So, I will use another pattern for this yarn (yarn in person is darker) and use the pattern for another yarn, yet to be determined. I just hate to knit a pattern and lose all the details in the yarn. I might even try two at a time when I do the pattern. Since you know I have ADD when it comes to patterns that are any more than 4-6 repeats, I would really be stretching myself by doing that!!


leah said...

What a nice friend!

Channon said...

Lovely! Enjoy knitting with your handspun. What a kind gesture - both ways!

The sock yarn is pretty too, but if it's even darker in person... wow. It would take a very basic pattern not to get lost in that, huh?

Bubblesknits said...

That handspun is gorgeous! Looks really squishy and soft, too. :-)