Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nothing, Nada, Zip!

I finished my Graffiti (raverly link) socks last Saturday. Sunday I decided to make the tiny sock for the key chain sock blocker. Between laundry and cleaning I spent 5 hours, 5 effing hours. I could not turn the freekin' heel. The heel for goodness sake! I must have started over dozens of times. End of the night I put it away for another day.
for the first time in over a year I had nothing, nada, zip! OTN. I went to work without my knitting. I felt venerable. What if I had to wait for something! I would not have anything to do while I waited. Wait, I don't have a doctors appointment, but my car could break down then what would I do! The day was busy at work. Got home and looked at my sock yarn. I selected my Dream in Color Smooshy in Spring Tickle. I started the k2p2 ribbing. Figured I'd settle on a pattern when I had that done. Here are my sock yarns

What pattern to choose? I am doing Show-off Stranded Socks. I started off using my size 1 addi. I cast on 72 stitches. Going Magic loop. When I get to the pattern I was having trouble PSSO. Gotta love these abbreviations. So I ripped out.

OK, I have now cast on 72 stitches on two size 2 susan bates. Working the rib back on.

I'm not loving this Smooshy. It is so much thicker than all the yarns I have been using for months. I keep knitting the rib. Too tired --I go to sleep early

We got out of work at 2:00. My BFF had brain surgery on Wednesday. I was going to the hospital to visit when her husband called to say they were releasing her. Meet them at the house. Get this, she was in intensive care Wednesday & Thursday. They were going to move her to her own room on Thursday. They did not have one so out she goes. She is doing very well. On her weekend in WVA, they own a place up there, she brought a skein of Handspun Leicester Longwool & Alpaca 4 oz. She was told it was enough for a pair of socks. I don't think so this is very scratchy so I don't even think it will make a good scarf. I think I am going to wash & condition it first. She will like what I make with it. Got home and once again, too tired. Watch some TV asleep by 8.
This pattern is not working with this yarn

So I ripped it out.
I have started again. Will have enough to show tomorrow.


Bubblesknits said...

Poor thing! I hate it when I go through phases like that. That's typically when I knit a dishcloth. LOL The Graffiti Socks look great! Sending healing thoughts to your friend. :-)

Megan said...

Time to cast on about four more pairs of socks and see which one works. :-)

Robin said...

Come on now ---- is that ALL your sock yarn????? I could open a yarn shop with my collection of sock yarn alone. Speedy recuperation for your friend. If she has good support at home, she's better off there - for many reasons. Scarey though thinking of going home that quickly. Hope she does well. I do like that sock pattern - the one you pulled out. I need to get back to my socks. I always stop and put them away when I get to the heel.

Bea said...

Sorry about the sock. Eek. I'm sure it will come together.

Also sorry to hear your friend had brain surgery, but I'm thankful that she is doing well. She's in my thoughts and prayers!

Channon said...

I decided my DiC Smooshy was too thick for socks too. It will become something lacey, I suppose...

Sorry you've had some sock issues. I miss having socks on the needles, but can't seem to cast on.

Glad your friend is recovering well. Best wishes for a continued speedy, full recovery.

Lynn said...

Ohh I like your sock yarn! You've got some good stuff. and I have the same pink Fortissima.

Ok the medical field has reached a new low if a person has brain surgery on a Wed and is HOME two days later!! I'm glad she's doing ok. and hopefully her dr was McDreamy!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I hope your friend is feeling better soon.

I like your yarn pics!

Rachel said...

The Graffiti socks look great. I've been curious how yarn with that many colors would look on socks. Neat!

I hope your friend recovers quickly!