Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lots of @($&% Top Redux

As soon as I finished my Mock Cable socks I went right back to my Lots of Choices Top, no OTN projects for me! I figured whatever I did wrong on the pink side would/could be found out on the purple side. First, the crochet cast on. I could not remember if I counted the cast on as the first row. So I did count it as row 1 for the purple side, looks right but the chain stitch is facing the wrong side. But I had decided that I would finish off the front edges with crochet so I would just have to do the bottom as well. I keep knitting, this side I am using row counts to measure, not the inches as in the pink side. As the purple is a reverse image of the pink side I am doing the V neck 1st. It came out beautifully.

So why did it not come out as well on the pink side? Well, the designer wrote the pattern to decrease for what she called Front as (RS) k1, k2tog, knit to end. This is how she starts out the pattern "For Clarity, I had to designate one side as the Front and one as the Back, even though you may wear it otherwise. So, for no particular reason, I called the round neck the Front." For me that is the pink side. The V neck on the purple is knit to last three stitches SKP (slip 1 knit 1, pass slip stitch over), k1. As you can see from the picture I decreased the pink side at the beginning of the row while the purple is decreased at the end of the row. As you still with me? Have I started to babble yet?

Here are both sides together. Starting to see a top here. One that I could really wear. The body of the pink side shows off the stitch detail to perfection. The darker purple is perfect too but because it is darker you do not see the detail as well. Then I notice that the purple is off gauge. Now I paid attention to keeping my stitches tight and even, or so I thought. Remember I love the process of knitting and would like to have finished projects to show for it. So this is where my top is now. I still have the shoulder of the pink top on a holder, so I could rib that out and try to make the V Neck look like the purple, then I would not have to crochet around the necks and front edges. Or I rip out the whole of the purple side and start over. Or I can do this

and start these

These are on size two needles. After knitting socks on size 1 I feel like I'm knitting with huge needles. The pattern called for size 3. Thought I would keep it simple after my Mock Cables. But I'm going to rip these out to the ribbing and add ribbing down to toe. The rib fits a bit loose but the SS stitch just billows. I cast on 56 stitches. I added 4 extra stitches from the 1st basic pattern I was taught in class. When I created my 1st pair the 1st needle ended with a knit stitch then to start the 1st stitch on needle 2 as a purl. Well that created a very bad ladder because no matter how tight I made this stitch it still gaped. When I made my next pair I measured for a larger ankle and without knowing it I ended with a pearl and started with a knit. no ladders, well, not the loose ones as before. Every time I knit something new I have learned something more.
It's has been awhile since I posted a picture of my kitties so I leave you with these. Zorro and Stanley posing. Then Pia and Sissy gazing out.


La Cabeza Grande said...

What a beautiful feline crew!

SleepyEyes said...

Seems like you made the right decision....about the ziploc bag. You can always go back to it, right? LOL!

And I bought that SAME yarn and loved it. I knit my friend a pair of socks and they came out great.

Adorable kitties!

Donna said...

It seems as though the craft we love doesn't always love us back. Take a break and try something new. Your kitties are beauties.