Friday, May 20, 2011

It all Started on June 09, 2007

I started this blog on 6/9/2007 to join a knitting swap called "Knitters Virtual Vacation". I am still in touch with many of the vacationers.   

We all say this-I did not realize that it has been that long since I posted, I started this post on 2/5/11 but did not put it up. I'm trying out some of the new features that blogger has added. I have made a 'new' page "About me" and I'm thinking of one about my cats and other subjects that I think my friends might like.

I am still unemployed and so many of my hours a day are looking at jobs from so many sources that it has become a full time job.  I have come to realize that I am not marketable in the industry I have always worked in. I need to reinvent myself. Then there is the 'age' issue. Everyone is letting go of the experienced workers-read-older and higher paid. Then they post the job looking for level entry but want all the experience that the person they just let go has.

What I really need to do is apply for social security disability. When I'm not looking for work I go to doctor appointments. If you have have advice let me know? There is so much information out there and on the SS site that my mind goes numb. 
Now for your viewing pleasure-

2/15/2011 Here is Pia all stretched out.
 and this is the little girl I adopted on 1/23/2005
4/12/2011- Sissy & Pia-it is very rare that they are together. They were close as kittens but as they got older they have own special spots. Sissy spends most of her time with me and Zorro has now started taking a spot on the couch.
Sissy is not that happy but is giving him some space


Robin C said...

Hi KSee,

it's nice to see you're on the blog again. I posted this week too. Been in a BIG FUNK!

hope all is well as can be


Bubblesknits said...

LOL Hard to believe I was one of the hostesses of the Virtual Vacation. :D That feels like forever ago.

I hope things work out for you. I know so many people that are looking for jobs right now. : (

Anita said...

Hey! So nice to see you & the kittys pop up on my computer! :)

I wish you much luck, I am following quickly in your footsteps with being unmarketable in my field... sigh. Thankfully I do have a job. Hugs

Robin said...

So sorry to hear you are still battling the want ads. Hope something you REALLY want to do - something that you might not envision - will come along soon. As always, love the kitty pics!