Monday, March 2, 2009

Finaly Snow!

I have so many, well too many posts to update my blog. As it looks like I can get a snow day today I have taken a video of the boys usual routine of going out after breakfast. I will be taking videos later on. Our company had a 2 hour opening delay at 6:00. They said to call back at 7:45. My usual routine is to get up at 5 am and leave the house at 6:45. For those of you have ever used the mixing bowl at Springfield 95N you will understand this. I live down near Ft Belvior and only have one way to get to work is to drive south to Rt 7100 Fairfax County Parkway, I then merge onto 95N at the Newington ramp. I go for about 2 miles to take the fly over ramp to head to Tyson's Corner. They have already have had an accident on that ramp. The roads do not look good and because the snow is still coming down it fills up right after they plow.

For your viewing pleasure...I can only take the video and not direct so it's all up to what the boys will do. Zorro came through. 7:27 am.

Edited at 4:31 pm EST--I am pleased to report that at 8:13 am Zorro was at the door!

This is Stanley in his new bed. Now he knows how to spend a snow day!


mochaxlight said...

I didn't know you lived so close! I have to take either the Parkway or 495 to get to Mason, and after shoveling snow for two hours driving out there is the last thing I want to do.

Bubblesknits said...

Where was he going?

Our cats won't even go near the door if they sense that it's below 45 outside. lol

Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

Channon said...

Yay snow! Ours is holding strong here in the woods, but the roads were clear when I ventured to town.