Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pie in the sky...

I forgot to show you my new mailbox last week. I get my share of knitting magazines and needed something that was larger. I shopped on-line and are the local hardware stores but never found one that was right. On-line there were some nice ones but they cost way too much. I found this one two years ago at a little gift shop. It did cost $57 less than online. I had to have it. It was me!!

here is a detail shot

Yesterday was my day to laze around. Sunday is my day to clean. Up early a usual, sat here and tried to catch up with blog reading. I had part of the Sunday paper and was going to go through the ads to cut coupons. I cut them out but hardly ever get to use them before they expire. I do not understand the coupon people and how they get so much for next to nothing. Since I do not cook I keep a eye out for coupons for sundries. Well, I digress.

I decided to use my $17 coupon and get a pedicure down the street from my house. So I called and set up a 10:00 appointment. First went to Mickey D's for a large hazelnut iced coffee. G-d I am addicted to them and have one every morning before I get to the office. One of the gals talked me into getting a manicure. $25 for both. Tip $7. I always bring my own polish. this is OPI "A-rose at Dawn...broke by noon" for my toes. How appropriate. I was broke by 2 pm.

This was too dark for my nails so I picked out one of their colors. It is a Lilac color. Sitting outside last night I saw that my nails matched my Crape Myrtle. Try taking a picture with your left hand.

The rings on my pinkie are new. I went to my friend/supervisor newly renovated home (go to my Flicker pics and you can see the pictures, all current and former co-workers) and she held a party for a co-worker who sells Silpada Designs. This set of stacking rings were being discontinued so the price was right. Beautiful silver but much was out of my comfort zone. The other ring was my Grandmothers.

I took my BSJ which was at the 5 ridge and did the 9 stitch increase to each side. Hallelujah! After 5-6 ribbits I finally got it right! I will have a this finished in time for our next baby due in September. My Nephew Rob and his wife Tiffany are having my sisters 3rd granddaughter. We think they are naming her Juliette (not sure how they will spell it). Not what my sis & I would have picked. Her other GD are Brianna & Elizabeth, mine is Charlotte.
I would have gotten more done when I got home 4 hours later but my Vogue Knitting and People mags were delivered so I decided that I would look at them before picking my knitting up.

After the pedi/mani I wanted to go to The Variety Store off Ft Hunt Road. It is like an old 5 & dime. Need a rubber chicken they have it. The sell Clover & Susan Bates. I am knitting BSJ with my Denise with a size 6 but I do not like that the stitches are not sliding. I picked up Size 6,7,8 & 9-- 24" circular. I also found this little guy in the baby section. It is a rattle.

Need to name him. I do not think it looks like a girl. Since I named a cat Stanley do you have any suggestions?
Ft Hunt took me to the George Washington Memorial Pkwy so I passed George's home. That took me to the gas station $3.93/gal. Plus, they do not charge for air and has the service bays open. So one of the mechanics put air in my front tires. Then next door to the 7-11 for cigarettes, I have $4.00 coupon off a carton. Got back onto Rt 1 and stopped once again for iced coffee. In Stitches a LYS is in this shopping center. Wait, now wait...of course I did not walk out empty handed. Where of where is my will power. I missed getting that at the same time I missed getting exercise when G-d was handing out what parts that make us up. I was probably talking to the person behind me in line.

two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Color 258 Lot A. I will use these to make this (Ravelry link) or go here.

By the time of got home and found the mags I spent the rest of the evening going through a stack of magazines. I also have post it notes to check out websites listed in VK. Oh, they had a review about a Japanese movie "Wool 100%", It is next up on my Netflix! Today I will watch "Lars and the Real Girl" and "The Bank Job" and knit on BSJ. Hope that I can get this done this week.

until next time...


leah said...

Love the new mailbox! So pretty! How fun to get to treat yourself to a mani/pedi! Plus love the purple!

Rachel said...

I, too, really like your new mailbox. I haven't seen one like that...very nice! Hope you have a nice, relaxing knitting day today!

Anita said...

Love the mailbox! Charming! :)

Love the nails too, I need to treat myself after payday this week & get a pedicure!

That scarf is going to be great in those colors, can't wait to see it going!

Alaina said...

I love the absolutely charming...looks awesome.

Your toes and nails also look great! and I love the rings, especially Grandmoms...very nice...

I have never had either a ped or a manicure...maybe someday.

Hope your weekend went well - not too much work...and lots of knitting :)

Firefly Nights said...

You sure have been busy.

Love the mailbox. It looks really classy.

Alana - Knit Wit said...

That mailbox is something special! How fun to dig your 'goodies' out of there!!

And I see we like the same type of comfortable "shoes"!!

Robin said...

Your mailbox is gorgeous! ...and that sheep is too darn cute!

Lynn said...

LOVE the mailbox! The one thing I couldnt wait for when I bought my house was having a cool mailbox. Well it turns out that we have a community mail box like an appt house. Blech. At least its close.

and love that yarn! I keep thinking of buying some, just haven't done it yet....

cinnamongirl93 said...

I adore the ring you are wearing. Your grandmothers ring. It is stunning. It caught my eye right away.
The mail box is cool too.

Jejune said...

Oh that mailbox is just wonderful! Very unique!

I was introduced to OPI nail polish last year - it's the best thing ever. love that soft lilac colour on you - and those rings!

TOTALLY love those Noro colours, too :)

Robin said...

That mailbox is ME, too! I love me a pedicure! The glass from the previous post is so pretty. Looks great hanging up and I bet it's really pretty when the light shines through it.